Monday, September 28, 2015

Planning for Hawaii - Our Honeymoon

Welcome back!  Let me tell you, planning for Hawaii has been a bit difficult for us.  Normally, we tend to book major parts of the trip and then just let things happen.  The problem we are running into with this, which may not even be a problem, is that this is our biggest trip together!  It is our HONEYMOON!  How are we supposed to “go with the flow” on our honeymoon?!  I find myself wanting to book scuba tours, hiking tours, snorkeling tours, helicopter tours, etc etc.  However, I am resisting the urge to book ANYTHING!  Why?!

Let me tell you why I think it is important to resist the urge to book everything before you arrive at your destination.  You don’t know what is going to happen!  You don’t.  It could turn out that there is a huge tsunami the week before you arrive at your destination and certain coastal adventures have been canceled!  “No, Heather this doesn’t happen that often!”
Well, ok maybe not.

I don’t honestly know why I am reluctant to book out my vacations.  It has been my experience that if you have too many things planned, you will find yourself being rushed around and you won’t truly enjoy your experience.  Since we have never been to Hawaii, I don’t know how long I will want to just drive around.  I don’t know what I will actually want to do!

So, to avoid the “fight” that we normally have over my utter reluctance to plan any aspect of our honeymoon, we have decided to book just ONE thing.  We are going to go on a snorkeling tour.  Yep, that’s all I agreed to book before we arrive.  <– I might add that she was VERY reluctant so I did this behind her back… and he made sure it was a beginners tour.  I’ve never been snorkeling, so this is a good thing!
Don’t let this be me…

Why are we even writing this blog post?  I asked the same thing.  Well, because I think it is important that we let people know what we think about when we are planning our trips!  I also think it is important that people get to know us a bit.  We haven’t even put up our first vlog, so you don’t even really know how we react to one another, and since we don’t know how to look normal on camera yet, you have to settle for reading us…

Happy Friday!

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