Friday, October 16, 2015

America Is Beautiful

Jon and I get asked where we would go if we could go ANYWHERE, and we find ourselves naming far away destinations every time.  We sat down recently to talk about our immediate travel future, and we discussed where we would consider going and what we would do. 

We would love to go to Fiji, or Bora Bora, or Tahiti, or any number of other exotic places.  However, something that we started to realize is that we have a list a mile long of places right here in the USofA that we would LOVE to go! 

America is Beautiful!(Yes, I know America is technically 2 continents, north and south and all that jazz and doesn't only talk about the united states, but for our purposes here and now it does.  Smile.  It's ok.)  We have the Rocky Mountains, the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, NYC, the Florida keys, the Great Lakes, the Redwood Forest, etc.  I mean, do I need to keep going?  We have amazing places right here, and we can literally DRIVE from our home to anywhere in these united states in around 32 hours.

I'm not saying we don't want to travel outside the United States.  WE DO!  We just think it is important to point out to people that if they don't have a huge travel budget to travel the world with, they can find amazing destinations right in their own back yard! 

We personally want to travel to every single state in the United States together and see the major state attractions in each one.  There are so many amazing things to do and wouldn't you know that a lot of them are very inexpensive.  National parks can be entered for very little money to free.  You can camp most anywhere for under $30/night (we go up to $30 for RV camping).  You can see amazing things for almost no money at all. 

Don't think you can go on a family vacation because it is too expensive?  Well, I challenge you.  Pull up Google Maps and drop a pin where you live and zoom out.  Find a green space (those are national/state parks ya know) and drop a pin there.  What's the driving distance?  Not bad eh?  Locate a tent, load up the car, and make memories along the way. 

That's the key I think.  Don't be in a rush to reach your destination.  Enjoy the journey.  The journey, after all, is part of the trip.  If you are flying, enjoy the airports.  Leave enough time between connecting flights to be able to enjoy yourself.  Don't be in a hurry to get where you are going.  I promise you won't regret slowing down.

Have a blessed day my fellow travelers.

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