Thursday, April 7, 2016

Don't Book THAT Flight!

Have you ever booked a flight and then later regretted it because the price dropped?  We ALL have!  We have all googled "When is the best time to buy a plane ticket?"   The truth is, the best time to buy a ticket depends on where you are going!  It's so difficult to figure all the different posts out and decipher when to buy it.  Then, after you purchase the ticket thinking you have gotten the best deal you could POSSIBLY get, it goes down again.  WHAT!?  WHY?! 

I know, I've been there.  It's aggravating.  Here's my advice.  First, find yourself a trustworthy travel agent.  I know one!  *hint* It's me!  Ok, so now that you have found the perfect agent, know this very important piece of information.  Buying a ticket through a travel agent is NOT more expensive than you buying it online.  IT ISN'T! 

Well, how is that even possible?  Here is why.  Travel agents can see things that you simply cannot see.  We can find information on flights and schedules that you can't.  We can book travel insurance at better rates than you can usually get yourself.  The bottom line, the travel agent you choose can find you the same flight, going to the same place at the same time as you can, but it will cost you no more than you booking it yourself!  *BONUS* You also get someone who can speak on your behalf if you have issues! 

You get a free liaison!  Why don't people use travel agents more?  Good question.  We aren't sure but we think it is because all of the price checkers make people think they will get better deals.  I mean, how do travel agents make money if not by marking up their prices?  Woah, a mystery!

We get paid.  Don't worry.  And it is not from marking up the cost of your flight. Also, travel agents book hundreds of flights and know which destinations go on sale on which dates and when the best time to buy is, so we probably just saved you that booking that dropped in price the next day.  You are welcome!

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