Thursday, April 21, 2016

Hawaii - The Big Island

As a wedding gift from my in-laws, my husband and I got to spend our honeymoon in Hawaii.  We got to choose the island, and it was a difficult decision.  If we had been able to spend more time there, we would have gone island hopping.  We did not have more time though. We had just 7 nights to make our honeymoon amazing.  How do we choose?!

We chose the biggest island.  The Big Island of Hawaii.  We chose this island because it looked like it was going to have the most "wild" to explore.  We could not have imagined just how much there was to do.  I cannot share all we did and all we found in just one post, but I can begin.

First thing I want to share is that there is a huge misconception about Hawaii.  Perhaps it is true on the other islands, but we did not find it that much more expensive than Oklahoma, where we are from.  Depending on what we were doing, it was in a lot of cases less expensive than home.
We ate sushi almost daily for less than $10!  Just look.
Nothing fancy, but they were yummy and fresh!
We also had some of the most amazing views all around us for FREE!  We literally paid for food and that was it.  As long as we didn't go to tourist markets, we paid very low prices for local produce.  Beef was expensive, but we got around that by sticking to seafood and poultry. The only other thing I can remember paying for was parking.  In some of the lots near beaches, there was a small fee ($5) to park there.  If I am remembering correctly, if you paid to park in a beach parking, you could park in other beach lots as well using the same ticket.  Nevertheless, it wasn't that expensive for us.  It just depends on what you enjoy. 

Every view was beautiful.  Every beach had it's own special characteristics.  Each time we thought we found our favorite beach, we were wrong.  It was an amazing experience!  I can't wait to get more video edited!

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