Wednesday, April 20, 2016

How Often Do I Travel?

I get this a lot, so I want to address it in it's own post.  How often do I travel?  Well, that kind of depends on what your definition of travel is.  If by travel, you are saying anywhere outside my immediate living area, then I travel at least once a month.  If by travel, you mean more than 3 hours away, then I travel once every 2-3 months for at least 1 week at a time.

I often ask people how often they travel when they ask me about my own travels.  Overwhelmingly I am told the last vacation someone took more than a few hours from their home was YEARS ago.  I cannot even fathom staying in one place without a vacation, so this is always interesting.  It sparks conversation, and I love to talk! 

So, let's have a conversation.  I realize that not everyone loves to travel.  Some people prefer being at home.  That's okay!  It is interesting to me to talk to people who love to learn about places far away, but they have no desire to actually go there. 

I want to know.  Where have you been in the past 24 months? 

For me, I have been to Hawaii, Missouri, Texas, New York, Massachusetts and Maine.  I enjoyed each location so much and for vastly different reasons!  I loved them so much, they will each get their own post!

Tell me, where do you dream of going?

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