Monday, May 9, 2016

What I Love About Traveling

I often get asked what I love most about traveling, and I find my answer changes regularly.  I figure it's probably the same for everyone.  It depends greatly on things going on in my life.  Traveling is fluidity, movement, abstract, etc. 

In different times in my life, travel has been an escape.  A way to change who I am, who I've been, and who I plan to be.  Travel can be the intermission of a great play, a time to get refreshments and change the stage of your life.

I love travel because travel doesn't have to be the same thing for everyone.  Some travel to place with great historic significance, beautiful natural scenery, or exotic beaches.  Some travelers indulge in a little bit of everything.  Food, culture, friends and family can all take you in different directions.

For me, personally, I travel for experiences.  I want to see the tallest mountains in the world, see the longest rivers, take pictures of the most beautiful waterfalls.  I want to see statues, temples, and churches.  I don't care to climb them, jump from them, or sky dive over them.  I want to sit and look at them. 

I want to soak in every single image, because some day, I won't be able to.  My eyesight will be gone, and I won't be able to see anything any longer.  I want to capture as many beautiful views as I can before it is all gone for me.  That is why I travel.  Because some day, my memories of beautiful places will be what I have. 

Why do you travel?

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