Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Wichita Mountains - Always a Beautiful Adventure

The Parallel Forrest
Located in the southwest corner of Oklahoma, the Wichita Mountains are full of beautiful scenery and plenty of activities for anyone.  A little history on the area, because who doesn't love a little history?

The Wichita Mountains are one of the oldest mountain ranges in the world, which also means there isn't much left of them.  They are not tall and mighty peaks.  This adds to the beauty in my opinion.  They are small, dome shaped peaks full of weathered boulders and beautiful hiking trails for every type of hiker.  You can read more history about the Wichita Mountains here

Now, on to our adventures and what I recommend checking out if you make your way to the Wichita Mountains.
  1. I always recommend checking out Medicine Park, a quaint little town nestled at the foot of the mountains.  It is absolutely beautiful, filled with local culture and music.  Check out some of the pictures we snapped the last time we stopped by.

    Jumping from the Cobblestone paths

    Medicine Park Music Hall

    Smelling the roses

    Panorama of Medicine Creek

    Sitting on the steps to the entrance to the swimming hole

    Looking down Medicine Creek
  2.  After your time in Medicine Park, I recommend taking a short drive up East Lake Dr around Lake Lawtonka.  Here you can find great camping, fishing, boating, swimming and so much more.  It is such a fun little lake.  I usually do day trips here, but I spend my evenings in the NEXT destination.
  3. When you are looking for somewhere to camp in the mountains, you have to check out Camp Doris.  It is my families favorite place to camp in the Wichita Mountains.  Why?  I can't even tell you, I just have to show you.
    Sitting by the campfire
    Sipping my coffee
    And then came the deer

    They surround the camp sites

    And they get very very close
  4.  As if these weren't enough reasons to visit this beautiful place, I have more.  The Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge.  Inside the Wichita Mountains, there is a refuge.  As if you needed something MORE, there is the Holy City, Jed Johnson reservoir, and Mount Scott view point.  These are things you will definitely want to check out if you drive through.  If you get a bit more adventurous, you will want to check out these next 2 places!
    Holy City Easter Pageant taken by Trevor Lockhart
  5. My final 2 things you must check out are The Lost Lake and The Parallel Forrest
    Lost Lake after a rainstorm

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